Thursday, May 17, 2012

My Bicycle For The Garden



A while back we went to a Nursery & they had a couple of bicycles that where painted with baskets & plaques on them. They where marked from R500 & up. Then I remembered that I still have Kruz's old bicycle that I can Tokreen.

So this weekend I got hubby to help me. He welded a plate onto the back of the bicycle for the basket & welded the chain so that it does not move. He also tighten the pedals, so that the one pedal works as a kickstand. Then I gave the bicycle 3 coats of black tokreen & left it to dry. I then made the basket, white washed it & gave it a coat of varnish. Then I took a stem of flowers & painted it with clear tokreen. I then got hubby to help me attach the basket to the plate & used tape to attach the flowers to the front of the bicycle.

Now I need to go Nursery shopping... I need pretty flowers for the basket & then I can put my bicycle in the garden.


Thanks for looking :)

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