Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Christmas Decorations - Step by Step

I thought this was a fun & easy project for the kids.

Decor 1
What you are going to need - Polystyrene balls, serviettes or fabric, ribbon, embellishments, double sided tape, craft glue, needle & cotton.

You are going to place the polystyrene ball in the centre of the serviette & then close it up. Gathering all 4 corners to the top  of the ball

Step 1

Step 2
Then use an elastic band to keep it in place

Step 2.1
You are then going to cut a piece of ribbon to wrap around the elastic band using double sided tape

Step 3.2

Now use the embellishments you have chosen to decorate

Step 4
Then use a needle & cotton to create a loop at the back of the decoration

Step 5
You can get really creative using fabric & all sorts to spice up these Christmas decorations!!

Finished Decor
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Thanks for looking :)

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  1. These are beautiful - you can even personalise and use them as place names for the table.
    PS: I received my parcel - thanks!