Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Using the cardboard center from tape roll

With the on-line shop I go though rolls of tape. I have been keeping the cardboard centres and decided to put them to use. So this is what I came up with - something for Shanices earrings

Finished P

You will need: Cardboard centre from roll of tape, scraps of paper, embellishments, glue that dries clear & double sided tape.

Start by painting the inside of the cardboard roll & leave to dry

Step 1

 Then from chipboard cut a circle that's slightly bigger for the base

Step 2

Use double sided tape & cover with patterned paper

Step 3 
 Step 3. 

Then cover the outside of the cardboard roll

Step 4

Add glue to the bottom bit and stick down in the centre of the base

Step 5

Step 5. 
Then embellish & you are done

Finished P 
 Thanks for looking :)


  1. This is really a super idea!! Well done!!

  2. That's a really cute idea. I also keep all sorts of scrap stuff if i suspect i may be able to do something with it. I have many empty toilet paper rolls that i'm going to make christmas crackers out of, but i know there must be a few other creative thingies one can make from the rolls. :D