Friday, February 26, 2010

The Winner

Congratulations Edith Heyns you are the winner of the R400 scrapbooking hamper!!!!!!!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Mannequin Card

M. Card

I made this card last night for a special friend. The mannequin template can be found @ Mirkwood Designs and I used bead line for the mannequins legs. 


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I Just Found This Newspaper Flowers Tutorial

I have been browsing the web the whole afternoon and came across this fabulous Newspaper Flowers Tutorial @ Blazer Designs Handmade Art. Go check it out!!!!!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Scrapping @ Home - Customer Feedback

Dear Canica,

you for a lovely afternoon on 6 February! I think all of us thoroughly
 enjoyed scrapbooking – even the mom’s that don’t scrapbook as a hobby.
The atmosphere was nice and relaxed at home even with all the kids
running around...

We enjoyed the fact that there was so much to choose from – it was like being in a scrapbook shop at home!

I thank you for your nice suggestions of how to change a page that I battled with for so long, and now it works so well!

Best Regards and hoping that many more people discover this nice hobby!


Garden Snail - Single Page

Garden Snail

This is all I manged to do this weekend. I spent most of my time in bed, with a bad migraine. I still have a head that feels like its going to explode minute now!!! Hopefully I feel better this afternoon, especially after all the pain killers I have just taken!!! I have so many pages I need to finish, 60 kits that I need packed by tomorrow morning and 25 kits for Wednesday!!! So much to do!!!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Another Altered Box

This is a old leather box that I found at the Charity Shop. It was so grubby, and I forgot to take a before picture!!!!!

I spray painted the box with copper, dark brown and purple paint. Added some patterned paper,flowers and used on of my belts on the box.

The Front

Alt Box 1

The Top

Alt Box 2

From The Side
Alt Box 3
I love it, just not to sure what I'm going to use it for????????


Thursday, February 18, 2010

Card-stock & Off Set Chipboard Frames

- New card stock has just been added to the on-line shop @ R3 per sheet.

- Off Set Chipboard Frames R28.75 each 
O S Frame

Now @

Horse Riding - Double Page

Horse Riding
I have not been horse riding in over 5 years, and Saturday afternoon I decided to go and see if my favorite horse riding place still existed. They are still there and we went for a ride.  This made my year!! I don't know who enjoyed it more - Me or the kids?

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My First Set Of Wheels - Single Page

1st Set Of Wheels

Eventually I got Kruz to sit still for 5 minutes to get some pics of him on his new bike. Not the nicest pics, but they did the job.

The chipboard bicycles are now available on

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Ice-Cream Sucker Template & Step By Step

Start by printing the template
Ice-cream sucker
Step 1 ICS Step 2 ICS
Cut out however many of each you will need. Glue the sucker onto your stick, add some bling, ribbon etc and you now have an ice-cream sucker for your scrapbooking pages or cards!


Dragonfly & Flower. Template & Step By Step

Firstly you will need to print the template.
Dragonfly & flower
Dragon Fly
Step 1 DFly Step 2 Dfly

Start by cutting out the shapes needed to make the dragonfly. Before you stick it down onto your card or page you can use a piece of beading line to make the antennas. That's what i did - I stuck it at the back of the dragonfly's body with some double sided tape. Once you have done the antennas stick it down onto you card or page.

The Flower

Step 1 Flower Step 2 Flower

You will need to cut out 8 petals and 1 circle for the flower. Then its quite simple - stick it all down onto your page or card. You could also stick the petals a few mm's away for the center of the flower to create another look!!


Make a sun, single or double layered flower - Multipurpose flower for scrapbooking or card-making

What you will need:

Scraps of paper



Start by printing the template.

Template for multi purp flower

Step 1 - Cut out your shapes

For a single layered flower - 7 Flower Petal Pieces

For a double layered flower - 14 Flower Petal Pieces

1 X Circle for the center of the flower

Step 1

Step 2 - Cut a piece of cardboard or chipboard. It needs to be smaller than the circle for the center of the flower. Add a blob of glue to the cardboard or chipboard.

Step 2

Step 3 - Now glue down 7 of the flower petals. The petals all need to face the same direction.

Step 3  Sun

Step 4 - Now you are going to do the top layer. Star gluing the remaining 7 flower petals. These need to be glued down in the opposite direction. You will see in the picture how the flower petals join on top.

Step 4

The finished double layered flower
Finished Flower

Single Layered Flower
Single Layer

Or you could even make a SUN - just don't add the flower center!


Well I hope this makes sense and that you are able to print the template? If you have any questions or can't print the template please drop me an email. :)

Monday, February 15, 2010

Rock Star - Single Page

Rock Star

Shanice went to a valentines dance at school on Friday night. I took so many photos - she looked to cute all dolled up. I wanted to do a double page, but ended up doing a single page. Hopefully I have some time this week to finish the double page of her and her friends.


Card-stock R3 per sheet

Card-stock R3 per sheet now at

Thursday, February 11, 2010

New handmade paper flowers, embellishments & large words

Handmade Paper Flowers R 2.50 Each
Image2  Image3  Image4

Image5 Image6

Embellishments "LOVE" - R 6 Each

Li'l Davis Designs. Vintage Wood Large Words - R 10 Each

Image7  Image8  Image9 Image10

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Scrap-A-Tale Challenge

This morning I was having a look at Scrapscene's blog and found the Scrap-A-Tales challenge. So I decided to take part. The sketch theme is "love". This is my take on the sketch challenge.

Love I Adore YouLove I adore you

Kruz is 4 years old today - Frog Birthday Card

I spent the weekend out - doing scrapbooking home parties and only got chance last night to do Kruz's birthday card. He loves frogs so I decided to make him a frog birthday card.

This morning he was up at 5am and started riding his new bicycle that he got for his birthday. I wanted to take a few pic's but it did not happened - trying to get him ready for school when all he wants to do is ride the new bike is another story all together. Then to put the cherry on the cake - he decided that the new bicycle had to go with to school, as well as his new giant sized ball his sister bought him. After arguing I convinced him that the kids at school would break his new bike and he agreed that it should stay at home.

This is the card
Frog Card
Products used;

Burnt orange card-stock, silver HAPPY BIRTHDAY STICKERS, large brads, Queen of hearts - Dinosphere paper, Queen of hearts - Dino Stripe paper, K & Comapny Actopus to Zelephant Frogs paper and chipboard frog.

Monday, February 8, 2010

New Products

Vintage Wood Alphabet BUBBLEGUM - R30

Chipboard Alphabet 176 Letters - R25

Chip Lettering

Vintage Wood Alphabet Chocolate Chip - R30

Chocolate Chip

Vintage Wood Alphabet Seaweed - R30


Vintage Wood Alphabet - Upper Case Strawberry - R20
SML Strawberry

Vintage Wood Alphabet Strawberry - R30


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