Thursday, June 25, 2009

The New Shop

I have upgraded to a double story - LOL! Well I have eventually settled into the new shop, all the stock is merchandised and in some sort of order. Its definitely better than the previous shop. There is parking off the road right in front of the shop, much better area, much quieter, all open plan and the lighting is fabulous.
Yes the shop has 2 floors - the shop is downstairs and the class room upstairs, and I think this is fabulous! All round its a definite upgrade.

I still need to get my stuff sorted - I can't find my scissors, business cards etc. etc but I'll get there.

Thanks for all the emails, phone calls and sms's regarding the new shop - I'm very happy that you are all so excited about the new shop. I have had quite a few of my ladies coming in to see the shop, and they LOVE IT! YAY!

Well I hope the rest of you will pop in soon for a cuppa and to see the new shop!

Guest Teachers - well I have decided that we need to get a guest teacher in once a month to teach us something fab. Be sure to watch this space for class details.

Card Payments @ Shoestring - Well I have had quite a week trying to get the new telephone line installed and then to find out that my order number does not exist, but thanks to technology I will have a modem installed today and I can then accept card payments and DON"T NEED a telephone line!

Well now I off to go and find the missing goodies and hopefully get started on all my projects that have been put off for the past 2 weeks! :)

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